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Aaron Kaswen-Wilk

Full Stack Web Developer


About Me

Aaron in Scotland

I’ve always considered myself a problem solver, whether it was a straightforward math problem from school, or a life problem to do with visas (funny story). When I discovered programming, it satisfied a need in me I hadn’t been able to fulfill in my career as an opera singer for some time. Opera had become memorizing words, music, and staging to the point where I could perform without a lot of thinking, no real new problems to solve. As a private music teacher, the best part of the job was figuring out the best way to communicate what my student needed to do in a way that they would understand and be able to execute it. With web development, I really felt a connection. I was surprised when I first began that I could sit in front of a computer for many hours at a time writing code. Solving complex problems and learning was very fun and therefore, the time would fly by. I still enjoy music of course, and I don’t regret any of the time I spent dedicating myself to learning piano and voice. Now, I’m especially excited to bring the skills and dedication I once brought to music to a new career path. Thus it is with pride and excitement that I refer to myself as a Ruby on Rails developer!


  • screenshot of studio manager website

    Studio Manager App Prototype

    This is my current professional work. As I used to teach voice and piano lessons, I know the needs of private instructors very well. Therefore, I have designed this prototype to aid teachers in management of their studios. The basic version allows teachers to wait list incoming studio requests, manage scheduling of lessons, and manage payment and tracking of paid and unpaid lessons. To this I customize the layout and content and various other features to meet the needs to each client. Feel free with this prototype to log in as an example teacher with aaron@example.com and "Password1". Note that the email delivery is disabled

  • screenshot of my github

    My Github Page

    I am currently working on several projects. Some for fun, others as part of my course. Among other things, I invite you to check out the raw code for the projects below!

  • screenshot of the portfolio backtester app

    Stock Portfolio Backtester

    I built this App based on my interest in investing. It allows you to generate investment portfolios with custom allocations of different stocks. It uses an api provided by iex to pull up to 5 years of history for each stock and calculates the average return for different periods of time. Open the app, create an account and give it a try! You can also review how successful others have been with their portfolios. Sign up and create a quick account to try it yourself!

  • screenshot of the video organizer app

    Video Organizer App

    I built this for a client who has several hundred DVD’s split between two different DVD players. The app allows him to store the DVD machine and tray numbers for every disc. The discs are grouped into different categories by genre and store a picture of each disc via google cloud. I also built an upload program to load the app from files he already had.

  • screenshot of the odin facebook app

    Facebook Project

    This functional Facebook clone provides social networking for all of its users. The app was my first foray into using devise with Ruby on Rails. To see an example profile, either create your own or login with aaron@example.com as an email and "password" as the password.

  • screenshot of the tic-tac-toe app


    I built this app with the Sinatra framework, although the functionality is pure vanilla javascript. There are three gameplay modes: single player vs easy computer, single player vs impossible computer, and two players. The impossible one player option is built adapting the minimax algorithm to javascript. Therefore, the computer can draw or win, but never lose. For the easy single player setting, the computer selects a random move. The two player setting allows two individuals to play against each other.